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Latina Mother/Daughter Duo Launch Monarchessa Store.

Curating Sustainable, Thoughtfully Crafted Accessories By Global Artisans. In Time for Mother’s Day, Claudia and Hanna Duncan Are Bringing One-Of-A-Kind Handbags, Scarves and More to Women’s Wardrobes

(NASHVILLE, TN) May 4th, 2022 — Latina mother/daughter duo, Claudia and Hanna Duncan have ventured all over the globe exploring and learning new cultures. After returning home with timeless treasures they’d find during their adventures, the two would often dream about connecting the creativity, craftsmanship and stories of the artisans they’d meet with other women and lovers of handmade goods. Today, that dream has been realized as they unveil Monarchessa, an online shop offering thoughtfully crafted accessories like handbags, scarves and more from talented global artisans.

Curated for the woman who values sustainability and high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces, Monarchessa offers designs and creations that immediately transport and connect women to the home of the artisan—whether they’ve visited that location or not.

‘Opera’ in Italian means ‘masterpiece’, which is a perfect name for this one of a kind bag made by artisan, Boldrini Selleria. This bag is truly a work of art as it is made entirely by hand in Tuscany, which is known for their excellent craftsmanship.

“We have always loved traveling and exploring new places and cultures together,” Claudia said. “But we know so many individuals aren’t able to do so for a number of reasons. We really wanted to connect the beautiful art we’d come across and the stories of the artisans we’d meet with others. And in addition to this, we also know how it feels to hold or wear a piece that you discovered while traveling. You're taken back to that place and how you felt. We wanted to create that same memorable experience for others.”

Launching just in time for Mother’s Day, the two hope that Monarchessa’s curated collections provide women with unique accessories that they can sport for special occasions or everyday wear while also helping them embrace the sustainability of slow fashion.

“At Monarchessa, sustainability isn’t just a trend or a fad,” Hanna said. “It’s one of our core values. We believe in slow fashion, collaborating with artisans in an equitable manner and ensuring that they are paid living wages and working in good conditions. Fast fashion has caused a lot of harm to global communities and at Monarchessa, we believe another way is possible. We want to cater to and serve other women who share that same value and care about what their dollars are funding.”

This colorful embroidered top handle bag comes with a bamboo handle and can be worn as a hand bag or crossbody. Made from the artisans of ViaMailBag.

Hanna, a fashion merchandising major graduating from Nashville’s Lipscomb University in May, is looking forward to putting her fashion industry experience and creative chops to work at Monarchessa. She just recently created a clothing capsule for designer GRAVITAS and has worked backstage at the Nashville Symphony Fashion Show for Carolina Herrera.

Claudia notes that the two complement each other well, citing that Hanna’s fashion industry experience and her own expertise in running and growing a business make them a dynamic duo. Claudia currently serves as President and Co-Owner of QC Verify, a nationwide premier provider of quality control audits, technology and fulfillment services to financial industries across the nation.

“Hanna and I come from a long line of entrepreneurs,” Claudia said. “It’s definitely in our blood. I’m a business owner, my parents were business owners, and now, Hanna and I are embarking on building and growing this business together. It’s really special for us and we hope to inspire other women business owners and mother/daughter duos with Monarchessa along the way.”

About Monarchessa

Monarchessa offers sustainable, thoughtfully crafted accessories like handbags, scarves and more from talented global artisans. Co-founded by mother/daughter duo, Claudia and Hanna Duncan, Monarchessa is more than a brand. It’s a gateway for connections with artisans around the world that create one-of-a-kind items for women’s wardrobes. To learn more about Monarchessa, click here


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