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NYC Showroom

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since our last blog post. Hope all is well xx.

As Monarchessa is continuing to grow, we as entrepreneurs are learning so much about the ins and out of fashion. We were invited to our first showroom with wholesaler, Mirta. They are based in Italy and have connections to many artisans in Europe, especially Italy. We have loved getting to work with the different artisans that they have connected us to. Many of them specialize and practice sustainability with their products; from materials to making the bags by hand to ensuring ethical practices within their workspace.

Now to the showroom experience...

It was surreal to see the products we see online right in front of us. It definitely gave us a better understanding of the products and brought the online shopping experience to life. It was helpful having the Mirta team there to give us insight on the artisans and share with us details of the craftsmanship of each artisan along with sharing a more personal story of each brand. It is so important to us because we don't want to sell just a pretty product, we want it to have a story and connection to each individual that shops at our store. Sustainability and quality will always be at the core of Monarchessa.

The Mirta team made this such an incredible experience. Although we are mainly an accessories brand, we are looking at the possibilities of adding clothing. They made sure to have a model in house to try on any piece of clothing we saw to get a better visual. This was so fun to grab a handful of items and have her try on!

Lastly, It was honestly so exciting for us to meet Aurora and Martina who guide us with our buying all the way from Italy. We have had so many texts and calls with their team throughout the past year and It was like we already knew each other. I think that's also what makes working with this wholesaler so refreshing because the team is down to earth, hardworking, and want to see us succeed. We have already talked about our next visit with them. Hopefully it will be in Italy next time!

That's all for now! Thanks for tagging along with us on this journey. We want to continue to bring one of a kind pieces that carry a story to you.


Hanna & Claudia


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